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Metal Fast Vinkel Slien Husstand Køkken Reversible Grad Maskine Kniv 360 Med Flip Slibe Sten Værktøjer Slien R7E0

kr154.45 kr100.42
  • Model-Nummer: 1 sæt
  • Oprindelse: KN(Oprindelse)
  • Certificering: CE / EU
  • Metal Type: Rustfrit Stål
  • Type: Sharpeners
  • Funktion: Øko-Venligt
  • Navn: blyantspidser


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Product Description

1. New metal.This sharpener is only made of aluminum alloy on Autohusetals.dk

2. New angel adjustment system.Accurately adjust the grinding angle.Angle memory system assembly

3. The new fin fixing device system has turned to the sharpening function on the other side while keeping the same accurate angle and the same edge (proprietary technology)

4. Innovative patented abrasive retention system, suitable for various abrasives

5. Quiet and smooth guidance system

6. Suitable for cutting edges of various shapes

7. Adjustable ergonomic handle.Nice feeling


Q: What is included in the package

Answer: The sharpening system kit is made of aluminum alloy, 4 high-quality sharpening stones without a base and a manual.

Question: Why is this sharpener more expensive than another sharpener?The quality of how

Answer: This sharpener is made of aluminum alloy.And we have more new coooooool projects than before.We have 3 proprietary technologies of this sharpener, and we are very proud of them

The package includes:

1X Sharpener

Whetstones 120 meshes, 320 meshes, 600 meshes, 1 1500 meshes each (without base)

Thank you for your support!Welcome to buy from us!There are so many useful and cheap item in our store.If you need more this item ,you can contact us.we will give you our best price.Leave your message!

Tags: kniv sten, grindstone knife, kitchen knife sharpen, skærp, ruixin pro blyantspidser, kniv og slibesten professionelle med slibe vinkel, sliber sten, kniv skærpe, musat, ruixin

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